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Serious consideration should be given to the quality and the durability of the material from which the memorial is created.  Granite is one of the hardest materials known to man.  It can be exposed to the weather for centuries without losing it’s intrinsic beauty or suffering from any adverse effects. It can be worked to a variety of finishes and textures, each with it’s own special characteristics.  In short, granite is the ideal material for a memorial. The vast majority of memorials we provide are in granite and can be supplied in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your individual needs.

We also supply memorials in other materials e.g. Caithness flagstone, marble and portland stone.

We can estimate for most materials.


Granite memorials can be manufactured to any shape, size, finish or colour.  Along with headstones we also stock wedge memorials.  These lay flat on the ground and come with or without a flower container.

Individual designs can be made on request. Advice can be given on size, finish etc.

We can add an ornament of your choice to any headstone, either machine cut, by laser or a ceramic plaque.


Our experienced staff will help you to compose a suitable inscription and advise you on finishes and styles available.

We offer various types of lettering i.e. Gold, enamel, raised lead and flush leaded. We are experts in hand lettering but also offer machine cut letters which keeps the costs down. We have many years of experience in lettering on very old monuments e.g. Sandstone and flagstone.

Erecting the memorial

Foundations vary in depth according to the  type of soil. Depths vary from a minimum of 2ft (600mm) to 6ft (1800mm). There are various approved methods of fixing memorials, some of which vary from area to area. The fixing methods combat vandalism and provide greater stability in the event of ground movement. We use an approved method  and our foundations are guaranteed.


Permission must be granted from the appropriate burial authority before a memorial is erected. We  make the necessary applications and arrangements on your behalf. We also guarantee that your memorial is erected in  an appropriate and safe  way as laid down by the national association of memorial masons.
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